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IPQuester content is available in XML files, XML content via a web service or PDF reports. In this way, the content can be easily integrated into the customer's web site and systems, using its look and feel; or it can be redistributed electronically to third parties.

XML files and XML content via a web service

IPQuester XML content is available in two delivery options: XML files or XML content via a web service. The customer and Equerion will decide the most appropriate option based on the customer's needs/technology platform and how this content will be used or redistributed. Both XML options can be easily integrated into existing web sites, intranets, IP docketing software, electronic content platforms and more.

These options are the right choice for these customers who are looking for, among other uses:

Integrate the content into an existing IP software, system, database, web site, intranet or search utility.
Visualize the content with their own look and feel, through XSL.
Deliver selected parts of the content to specific users, partners or employees.
Combine the content with data from other sources.
Transform the content into different formats such as Microsoft® Word™, Adobe® PDF, RTF, WML, HTML, etc.
Access the content from mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs or Blackberry's®, as well other devices.
Commercialize the content to their clients.

The IPQuester XML files and XML content via a web service are available for all the Commercial options.

XMl file format
IPQuester XML files contain proprietary XML and NITF (News Industry Text Format) tags that let its customers to use, sort, filter, bookmark, search and display the contained information depending on several variables such as: country, resource, subject, title, latest update, matter, among others.

The following piece of XML illustrates the proprietary tags available in an IPQuester XML file:

  <file id="IP_PRA_0196116" title="Industrial models & designs,
   proceedings and practice for Argentina" />
  <resource value="RE_PRA" />
  <matter value="SU_116" />
  <subject value="SU_116" />
  <country value="CO_196" />
  <latest_update value="10/10/2010" />
  <associate_id value="ASN_079" />

Sample file
A sample IPQuester XML file can be provided upon request here.

PDF files

IPQuester content is also available as Adobe® PDF reports. Each IPQuester PDF report may contain the jurisdictions, the subject matters and the content selected by the customer. These reports can be delivered on-demand or every time their content is updated. The IPQuester PDF reports can be acquired for internal-use or they can be redistributed to third parties.

Sample report
A sample IPQuester PDF report can be provided upon request here.

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