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IPQuester has been designed for IP professionals who work on international or regional IP matters (as described in Industrial property industry snapshot).

These IP professionals include, but are not limited to patent/trademark practitioners, patent engineers, patent/trademark attorneys, students and researchers. IPQuester is not intended for IP professionals who only work on domestic portfolios only.

IPQuester content is used by IP professionals in law firms, IP agencies, national offices, corporate in-house departments, IP service providers, legal publishers, law schools and law libraries all over the world.

These IP professionals use IPQuester to find out how to register a patent in a new independent State, what are the filing fees for a trademark registration in a country that recently changed its currency, how the accession of a specific country affects a regional or international agreement, how to control the costs and requirements of cases assigned to foreign firms and elaborate reports on specific IP matters, and so on.

As IPQuester can be easily integrated into existing web sites, intranets and software, many users use IPQuester to provide selected information to their customers or make it accessible to their internal professionals through existing search utilities or web sites.

IPQuester provides, at one place, updated information in English for IP professionals specialized in international or regional matters.

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